Course Examples


We provide practical, hands-on and interactive trainings to empower professionals to engage with a person who is being abused through technology.


Smartphone Security

Ways to quickly make smartphones more secure, identifying red flags, checking for malicious apps, password best practices & prevention strategies.

Cyberstalking + Surveillance

Topics covered: Location tracking, spyware, tracking devices, IoT, social engineering, signs an account might be compromised and more.

Tech-Enabled Abuse Overview

Defining technology-enabled abuse; common red flags; examples of how it manifests among targets of domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, elder abuse and human trafficking.

Digital Impersonation

Deepfakes, Voice Cloning, Spoofing (faking someone’s phone number, hacking, etc.

Nonconsensual Intimate Images + Sextortion

Responding to threats, tech oriented solutions, deepfake pornography, take downs of unauthorized images or videos and more.

Tech Safety Planning

Steps to prioritize and incorporate a victim’s digital/online safety into traditional safety planning measures.

Online Courses

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